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Any fisherman, selling to any customer, with 100% transparency

Our single ambition is to build a better and more sustainable seafood industry for fish, fishermen and consumers across the world.  To deliver this, we have introduced the first end to end marketplace built on absolute transparency - enabling fishermen to market and benefit from selling their catch to every customer in the chain at the same time.  


We're days away from being able to help you buy fish directly from the best skippers in the country. Sign up below to keep in touch and we'll give you a shout as soon as the boats are on their way in to land!

Your Business

I'm A Fisherman

Sell your catch to hundreds and thousands of buyers - from merchants to chefs - with higher, fairer prices and no market fees.

I'm A Fish Buyer

Wholesaler, merchant or fishmonger - source fish directly from British day boats across the UK in real time as it lands.

I'm A Chef

Source your restaurant's fish directly from British day boats

 - delivered in as little as 6 hours from catch to plate.

What's Landing Now?

Seasonality of species; the height of the waves; the strength of the tide - there are so many factors that impact fishermen and their ability to catch fish on a daily basis.


Come and explore how we use location, environmental and seasonality data to determine what's landing around the country today, tomorrow and for the weeks ahead.

Join The Adventure

From what's landing this month, the best places to eat, as well as the odd fishing trip around the country - subscribe to the monthly Skipper's Log and get closer than ever to your fisherman

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