Using data to better support fish, fishermen and consumers

The sea is unpredictable. With so many elements that determine whether fishermen are able to get out to fish - let alone what they catch in their net - going to sea can be a gamble for their lives as well as their livelihoods.

However, by working closely with our fishermen across the country - while using an ever-growing supply of seasonal, geolocation and environmental data - we are able to help both fishermen and buyer predict what's likely to be caught today and tomorrow as well as the days, weeks and months to come. 

Turning stories into science. Come see how we're doing it and how it impacts you.

Seasonal species
Wave Height

By monitoring the height of the waves where our boats are fishing, we can anticipate any potential drop in the quality of fish that will be landing. How?  When nets are bobbing up and down by 3-4 metres every few seconds, it puts pressure on the muscles of any fish caught, making it to go soft by the time it is hauled up. Assuming good bleeding and icing on deck - the calmer the seas, the better the meat.

Wind at Sea

Wind as can be the one the biggest determining factors as to whether fishermen will go out to catch any fish. Not only does it whip up currents that dangerously throw around the boats, but it can physically stop smaller vessels from launching off beaches. That's why we're always keeping an eye. Big winds = less fishing = less fish!

Tides & Currents

Tides can considerably limit supply – especially for netters, potters and divers. With big spring tides – the biggest difference between high and low – boats won’t cast their gear for fear of it drifting away. Lobster and crab fishermen struggle to pull their pots up and sometimes the tide is so low that boats can’t leave the harbour! Big tides = less fishermen fishing = less fish

Who's at sea?
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