Pesky's Vision

Why this should matter to you?


In 2018, 40 million fishermen in 146 countries caught over $160Bn of fish, with a predicted future growth of 4-5%/year.


But despite this growth, the existing supply chain has only evolved to become more complex and opaque over time.


As a result, the fish you might eat tonight could be 2-3 weeks old, having travelled thousands of miles, been resold 4-5 times, with no traceability of where, when or who caught it.


So, while our seafood experiences deteriorate and the sustainability of our fish and fishermen remain in jeopardy, nobody has presented a model for the future of this industry. Until now.


Why Pesky?


We have set out with the single goal of delivering a more sustainable seafood industry for consumers, fishermen and fish across the world. 


To enable this, we are building Pesky to become the infrastructure of the new global supply chain - one where every fish from every fisherman will be landed, traded and delivered through our 100% transparent platform.


Alongside the radical efficiency that this transparency will deliver to the seafood market, it will also yield the most powerful data set of any food chain - with the record of every fish landed and traded through Pesky. 


Equipped with this visibility, we will develop the services to dramatically enhance regulation and conservation efforts - helping us align global economic and ecological objectives like never before.


Therefore, within the next 10 years, we believe that 20% of the world’s seafood supply will being traded through Pesky, on our way to 100%.


What are our commercial objectives over the next 10 years?


Pesky’s economic model is built on a drive to move the industry towards the condition of a perfect market. We will do this by using the transparency of our tech-enabled chain to ensure that resources (fish, labour, transport) are allocated in the most efficient way, supported by an abundance of supply and demand information. 


The current industry services $160Bn of supply a year, with a projected compounded growth of 3.5% per annum (reference)


Our commercial objectives will see us focus on two main areas:


  1. Pesky’s marketplace - trading 20% of the worlds fish within the next 10 years, making a % fee on the value of the fish. Based on today’s expected growth, this would be worth 40Bn of fish supply

  2. Data services - From analytics subscriptions, fishermen financial services, through to government services for real time quota allocation, we will apply our unique data set to create unique value within the market.