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Our Awesome Team

The team we are proud to call Pesky



1. Ben King - Skipper and CEO

2. Aiden Berry - COO - One of the most creative problem solvers I've ever met, with a hugely varied background working in supply chain and logistics across the world. A qualified engineer, he left the University of Southampton and worked within the operations of CEVA. However, not content to work within a traditional corporate, he most recently spent 2 years with Médecins Sans Frontières - managing blood and hospital logistics in Sierra Leone through Ebola, pharmacy logsitics on the border of Syria and Jordan, as well as country operations in South Sudan. He left Pesky with the ambition to build the most sustainable food chain in the world and is doing a pretty good job of it, so far!

3. Andreas Hochlehnert - Tech Lead - A phenomenal developer who originally trained as a neurophysicist - he was part of a technical team at the European Space Agency to put satellite on asteroid and set up his own tech agency before leaving Germany in 2018. Having worked at Techstars over the summer, he has spent the last 12 months building the technical infrastructure for Pesky, including the coveted Pesky app, supported by his junior developer, Isaac. An incredibly logical thinker and developer - he has carved some of the best solutions to our technical problems on his way to launching the world's first catch to plate interface.

4. Dan Mayzes - Fisheries Ambassador - A marine biologist by background, Dan was brought into the business to manage Pesky's proposition for both fish and fishermen. In the absence of defining a strict sustainability policy, Dan has been Pesky's compass to determine what species and what boats we should bring into the chain. He is single handedly responsible for highlighting and creating a market for under-valued bycatch species, helping fishermen receive up to 9x what they would get at the market. 

5. Eugenie Castelli - Restaurant Ambassador - An incredibly experienced channel manager, having worked for Paul Bakery in their sales and marketing teams before moving to Natoora. While there, she not only managed up to 70 customers, but was promoted to Project Manager for the company's Paris roll out. After returning to the UK, she has now joined the Pesky team to manage and further develop our proposition to chefs as well as supporting the team with the app roll out.

6. Becky Jay - London Ops Manager - A multi lingual operations manager who simultaneously manages the running of her adventure tour company, Chalk Up. Without doubt the most popular 'delivery driver' to our customers, she has helped develop the relationships with our logistics provider such as Pedal Me. 

7. Marie-Claire Barnes - Company Admin - The title doesn't do her justice. She is the glue in the team, ensuring that every fish is recorded from catch to plate, that every customer is invoiced on time and in full, while managing payments from our ever-growing customer accounts. As a result of her diligence, we have been able to maintain the shortest payment terms of any seafood supplier in London.

8. Isaac Yule - Junior Developer - Single handedly developed the backend dashboard for Pesky's app - enabling the entire team to simply update availability, forecast and manage all customer communication through the app. Incredibly curious, his skills have grown exponentially in 2019, resulting in an increased speed of our development.

9. Suzy Kayser - Devon Ops Support - Devon born and bread, Suzy has supported our operation in Devon as we brought on boats ahead of the launch of our test hub. Always willing to do the early rise, she has been instrumental in the delivery of our 6-hour fresh hand dived scallop proposition.


Strengthening the team to deliver on our objectives and rebuild this industry

























Once we have closed the round, we will make a number of key hires to help accelerate our plan:

1. CTO & Development team - Responsible for designing the architecture for the worlds first 100% traceable seafood supply chain. Will be an absolute rockstar individual with experience in foodtech and/or supply chain, with the autonomy to build their development team with a £500K/year budget. We have identified 4 people for this role.

2. Floating CFO - To ensure we maintain our robust financial diligence, we are going to bring on an experienced CFO level individual on a part time basis, helping us to develop and evolve the necessary and use data to inform both our actions today as well as opportunities for the future. We have identified 3 people for this role.

3. Data Scientist - Working alongside Dan as Fisheries Ambassador, this person will be responsible for building the first catch projection and customer pricing models to support all parts of the business. They will have the autonomy and resource to determine the private and public data sets that will be required. We have identified 4 people for this role

4. Wholesale Ambassador - Responsible for the customer development inside and out of London. Will have extensive industry experience to leverage existing network. We have identified 3 people for this role.

5. Devon Hub Manager - Responsible for the daily management of the Devon test hub. We have an exisitng manager in Susie, but will be looking to recruit someone with experience running an existing market, potentially in the neighbouring Brixham. We have identified 2 individuals so far, but will be focussing heavily

on this through July.

Our management team from September 2019

1. Ben - Skipper and CEO

2. Aiden - COO

3. CTO

4. Floating CFO