Ullapool Smoked Salmon - Sliced Pack


The very first line we ever sold at Pesky is this cold smoked salmon. Having travelled across all of Scotland over 2 and a half weeks, nothing compared to how Iain smokes his fish. Exclusively using Wester Ross salmon to get the leanest, healtheist fish - he uses a simple process of salting and smoking with the most subtle hint of the whisky barrells that he uses to fire his kiln. A beautiful firm texture. While you can have it sliced and it will be delicious, our suggestion is to buy it whole and do vertical cuts, yourself. It'll blow your mind!


This fish feeds: 2+ people  

Fishermen landing this species: Iain Boyd - Ullapool Smoke House

Fishing methods used: Kiln Smoking

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    Average: 1 x 175g Cold Smoked Salmon Pack


    Iain Boyd - Ullapool Smokehouse - Ullapool

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