Pesky's Day Boat Box


Taking all the faff out of meal planning, we've picked out the best of today's landings to help you feed 2 people for at least 4 meals, packing your box with:


  • 1 x 1-2kg Pollack
  • 1kg x River Teign Mussels
  • 175g Ullapool Smoked Salmon


As you'll be buying the fish directly from the boat, you can choose to have it whole if you're feeling adventurous. Otherwise, our samurai team of filleters would be glad to prepare it for you, ready for the pan.


Importantly, there's no need to freeze any of this fish. As we pack and send within hours of being caught by our boats, you'll have up to 5 days to eat it once it's arrived into your kitchen. I can promise you, the smoked salmon won't last 5 minutes!

  • Our favourite recipes:

  • Caught today by:

    Dean Corbett - Clarissa - Torquay

    Gary Cooper - Jadestar - Brixham

    Iain Boyd - Ullapool Smokehouse - Ullapool

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