Hand Dived Scallops


In terms of sustaianable fishing methods, you cannot get more selective than diving for scallops - especially when they come from the mits of our resident diver, Frazer. Diving to depths of 8-22m, he hand picks each scallop from the sea bed. While we can't distribute them live due to food safety standards - Frazer shucks to order to create a cracking dozen that you can literally throw straight onto the grill with a bit of salt, olive oil and lime. 


This will feed: 4 People 

Shelf life: 4 days from delivery

Boats landing this species: Baloo

Fishing methods used: Hand Diving

  • Preparation:

    12 x Hand Dived Scallops (with Roe)

  • Caught today by:

    Frazer Pugh - Baloo - Brixham

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