3kg+ Line Caught Pollack


For anyone who loves cod but knows its not very sustainable, there's only one answer: pollock! Caught by our boats on their rod and lines, these beautful white meat fish will transform your seafood experiences. Rich, meaty and as sustainable as they come - you can grill, bake and fry pollack in 10 minutes as well as making the most phenomenal fish fingers. 


Size Boundary: 3-4kg

This fish feeds: 8 People

Boats landing this species: Clarissa

Fishing methods used: Rod and Line

  • What you'll receive:

    Whole: 1 x 3-4kg Fish

    Filleted: 2 x 500-1kg Fillets

  • Caught today by:

    Dean Corbett - Clarissa - Torquay

    Matt Stiles - Antelma - Lyme Regis

  • Our favourite recipe:

    Baked Pollock with cheddar and herb crust - Super easy. Get us to fillet your fish so that all you have to do is portion up, put the toppings on and bake for 8 minutes. Ridiculously quick, unbeliably delicious and amazingly sustainable!!

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