The best British fish from
the best British fishermen

Our ambition is to enable any buyer in the industry to source directly from the boat - delivering a better, fresher product for your business while supporting the British fishing fleet.

  • What is it? A marketplace for businesses like yours to buy the best catch in real time from the best boats.

  • What does it involve? Get live updates of what is landing in real time, buy immediately and have it delivered within 24 hours with one weekly payment.

Interested in buying from skippers?

We'd love to know more about you, your business and the species you're looking for so that we can match you with the best boats. Simply drop us some information on the form below and we'll be in touch within the next 24 hours.

What's Landing Now?

Seasonality of species; the height of the waves; the strength of the tide - there are so many factors that impact fishermen and their ability to catch fish on a daily basis.


Come and explore how we use location, environmental and seasonality data to determine what's landing around the country today, tomorrow and for the weeks ahead.