'Our seafood left the port this morning and can be traced back to the boat who caught it'

We want to redefine London's experiences of British seafood by providing customers with the freshest fish in the capital. To do this, we spent months understanding both the ambitions and challenges that chefs have when sourcing British seafood, developing a service that not only adds huge value to your kitchen, but also to your business and your brand.

Supported by the most fantastic British fishermen, we can support your kitchen with: 

  • Freshest Fish in London - With so few stages in our supply chain, we are able to send you same-day seafood, delivering in the early afternoon, to be prepped and used for evening service. For the first time, you will receive Monday's catch on a Monday, with service running Monday-Friday
  • Every fillet traceable back to boat - As with the same day delivery, our 100% transparent supply chain will enable you to tell your diners exactly who caught the fish that you are serving them that evening - with a different story to tell every night.
  • Prepared for your kitchen - Whether whole or filleted, we can prepare your catch for how you need it to arrive into your kitchen.
  • Partner on your menus - By working with fishermen every day of the year, we can help you to select the best seasonal species for your menu as well as showing some hidden and sustainable gems that may currently be overlooked. 
  • Low impact - By creating a supply chain that uses the spare capacity of existing transport infrastructure, we only use diesel vans for only 2% of the catch to plate journey - ensuring that we not only deliver the freshest fish but do it with the lowest possible impact.

Get in touch if we can support your kitchen with our boat's amazing same-day seafood