We are now working with fishermen across the country to support you with:

  • Higher catch values
  • Stable prices
  • Fast payment
  • Market across their entire catch
  • Complete tractability of who ate your fish 

Some of our brilliant boats

Working with Josh Dearing, fishing off the Bounty in Jersey, we are able to help him:

  • Achieve a 22% higher catch value
  • Deliver his amazing shellfish from the sea, across the channel and onto plates in only 18 hours! 
  • Be paid the very same day as landing into London
  • Press coverage in Jersey newspaper and UK social media

Devon sea to London plates in 6:19 hours!

Pete Mills and his crew aboard the hand dive off the Diana Rose for arguably the most stunning live scallops in the UK - straight off the Salcombe bed.  By partnering with Pesky, he is able to :

  • Sell his shells direct to London restaurants and homes
  • Have his catch delivered via the rail from bed to plate in under 7 hours!
  • Grow his brand and demand  for quality scallops to the London market

Can we support your boat or port?